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Why I love putting Colostrum on my skin

11/08/17, 46 , 2017

Why I love putting Colostrum on my skin

When I started putting Colostrum on my skin, it felt a bit strange.

I mean its a cows first milk! However, after researching about the benefits of Colostrum, I was soon converted, and have never looked back. 

Like many of you, I'm passionate about putting only 100% natural products on to my skin.

When I discovered thecream range by Denise Hiestand, the one thing that really jumped out was that it was the first 'biologically active' range of skincare. 

My daughter and I have been using this for over a year and have both noticed such a difference in our skin. When I was asked what my favourite cream product was I couldn't decide! I use the serum and the face daily, as well as the body elixir.

My daughter, who is only 21, swears by how much of a difference thecream has made to her skin, and will not go to bed without putting her serum on. 

I think it's wonderful that we can start our young ones off on products that actually add to their health.

What I love the most about thecream range is that it is actually feeding your skin, and is all 100% completely natural.

On the serum packaging it actually says 'replicates the skins lipid balance of a healthy 22 year old skin. Fresh, Glowing,Healthy Skin! Who doesn't want that????

And the benefits of Colostrum are amazing!

 Colostrum is:

The most powerful, cell building and complete all natural ingredient known.

Regulates the functioning of the immune system.

limits the deterioration of cells associated with the aging process

Assists with cell growth and reproduction

Regenerates various types of tissue, including skin.

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