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Are you confused about what to do for sunscreen?

01/11/18, 49 , 2018

Are you confused about what to do for sunscreen?

Are you confused about what to use on your skin and your child's skin for sun protection?

With most of the  "normal" sunscreens at the supermarket containing a whole lot of chemicals, including U.V Filters such as Oxybenzone and Retinyl Palmitate, it's good to find out exactly what is gong on with these sunscreens and to do your research on this subject.

The problem with Chemicals

So what is the problem with these chemicals?

Well for a start everything that you put on to your skin is absorbed in to your blood stream

Also when these chemicals are heated by the suns U.V rays, this causes a chemical reaction on the skin. There are now even concerns that these U.V filters may be absorbed in to the body through the skin and this reaction could cause more problems than it prevents. 

Research even suggests that it could possibly be the cause of an escalating rise in skin cancers!

Scary stuff. 

Go Natural

There are now many wonderful natural sunscreens that don't have all of the nasty chemicals but still provide protection to the suns rays. 

Common Sense approach

Sunbathe without sunscreen in the late or early part of the day for a maximum of 20 minutes (depending on skin type) to get your quote of Vitamin D. If you are going to be in the sun in the middle of the day, cover-up with cotton clothing and a wide brim hat.  



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