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How to Snap out of a grumpy mood - By Di Hampton

10/25/17, 08 , 2017

How to Snap out of a grumpy mood - By Di Hampton

How to SNAP OUT of a grumpy mood.

Lets face it we all know what I mean. You wake up in the morning feeling great only to find things start to go south, fast! One thing leads to another and you're on your drive to work feeling crappy.

Then of course, you attract all the negative things like crazy drivers, long slow trains, and lots of traffic

But what if I told you, you could snap out of this mood just as easily as you got in it? Would you believe me?

Here are my 3 tricks of the trade for snapping out of a grump FAST!

1. List what you're grateful for

    Start a list in your head of the people in your life that you are grateful for. Then pick one person and think of all the reasons why you love them, and are glad to have them in your life. Sometimes I go one further and phone the person for no other reason but to tell them how grateful I am for their love and friendship. This has always been my favourite thing to do.

    2. Stretch

    Your neck and hamstrings are two areas that take a lot of stress. They take a lot of pressure and can easily become stiff and achy especially your hamstrings. Properly stretching your hamstrings releases tension in the legs, stomach and lower back, which in turn releases tension right up into your neck and head. I always feel an instant relief after doing this.

     3. Do something for yourself

      Take a walk with the dog or go to the gym for a workout. This is something that is only for yourself and helps release all those positive endorphins as well as taking the focus away from your mood. I like to listen and sing along to my favourite songs, I find this really helps.

      I hope my tips will help you. And REMEMBER, if you master the art of snapping out of your bad mood just as fast as you snapped in,  then that is the real accomplishment, so make sure you tell yourself that!

       By Di Hapton, Ephraim Health

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