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Colloidal Silver - My Favourite Product By Tess Maskell

10/25/17, 55 , 2017

Colloidal Silver - My Favourite Product By Tess Maskell

If anyone asks me what my favourite and most trustworthy product is, I tell them without hesitation, Colloidal Silver Liquid. And the reason why, is that it is the product I use the most and has never let me down. 

If at anytime I feel off-colour, or just not quite myself, I take 30mls of Colloidal Silver Liquid and instantly I feel better.

And I don’t use it for just that one reason alone, I use it for a lot of different things.

Sore Eyes:  This is just wonderful for making your eyes feel clear and fresh.  Just spray a couple of times in each eye and wait a few seconds then enjoy the results.  You can do this as often as you like during the day for tired sore eyes of just to make your eyes feel amazing.

Toothache:  Hold Colloidal Silver Liquid in your mouth over the sore tooth preferably for about 6 minutes (if it is an upper tooth you may have to lie down to achieve this or use a cotton wool ball). This may have to be repeated if pain persists.  It has been 100% successful so far in banishing my toothache.

Blocked stuffy nose:  A couple of sprays up each nostril and your nose will feel clear and unblocked.  Great to do when you have a cold or hayfever.

By Tess Maskell

Co-Owner & Founder of E-Health
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