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Five steps to keep those New Years Resolutions!

01/11/18, 27 , 2018

Five steps to keep those New Years Resolutions!

It's that time of the year where everyone's making New Years resolutions to lose weight, get fit and healthy!

Changes can be hard, and sticking to them can be even harder.

In fact the psychological effects of making changes are often the hardest part of a fitness regime.

It can all seem so easy until someone offers you that cheese board or that glass of wine and you think...."Oh just one won't hurt me".

Here are five ways to stick to your changes and to make them a part of your life

1) Be clear about the reason WHY -

Clarify the reason WHY you want to get fit and healthy or lose weight. Is it because you want to feel more comfortable in your clothes, or be able to enjoy time with your kids running round more? Is it because you want to be strong and have good posture? Are you doing it for someone else or are you doing it for you? Really drill down to work out your own WHY and make it very clear to yourself why you are doing it.

An example of a great 'why' would be "I want to feel fit, healthy and vital so that I feel great about myself, have more energy and be more motivated"

2) Write your goals down

Research has shown that by writing your goals down and giving yourself a (realistic) time line you are more likely to succeed. Write your goals down in a way that is specific, measurable, and realistic.

e.g) Rather then writing down "I want to lose weight so I can fit my clothes"

Write something specific and measurable and also realistic

"By March 30th 2018 I will be 65kg"

3) Get prepared

There's a saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Before you kick start your New Year's resolutions, make sure that you are equipped with all that you need.

If you are planning on getting fit, make sure you have the necessary shoes and work out gear so that you have one less 'excuse' not to do it.

If you decide that you want to make changes to your diet. Make sure that your house is free of any foods that tempt you and that you have plenty of great fresh, healthy fare to keep you satisfied.

4) Check that your body has what it needs!

One of the reasons why we often break our 'health regime' is that we are low in specific vitamins or minerals. For example, a deficiency in Iron or Vitamin B's can make you feel sluggish and tired and have you reaching for the chocolate after lunch.

If you don't sleep well, it's often hard to get up and do your morning exercise. Make sure that you have plenty of Magnesium to keep your sleep cycles optimum, and provide you with over 70 vital functions in your body.

5) Kick-start your healthy regime!

Some times it's good to have an initial kick start to really get your body alive and sparking. The Detox Clay is a great way of getting rid of any unwanted toxins, bloating, parasites, and really get that bowel cleaned out.

It can also be good to start on a great quality probiotic to ensure that your gut is absorbing the nutrients from food and that you have great elimination to reduce any bloating, gas, or upset tummies.


Finally the most important part is to celebrate your victories on your path of health and well being.

Keep a note book and write down everything that you do that makes you feel healthy and vital. Even if it seems small e.g "Took the stairs rather then the lift" or "Drunk 2 litres of water today" keep acknowledging these small changes....

Because small changes become habits and habits become your personality!

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