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What to do if you get a sty in your eye.....

02/15/18, 29 , 2018

Colloidal Silver great for sties in the eye

What to do if you get a Sty in your eye!

1) Spray Colloidal Silver in to the eye as regularly as you can.

2) Take a very hot flannel or cotton ball, soak it in Colloidal Silver and place it on the eye.

3) Gently massage along the base of the eye to encourage the sty to come out (ouch I know!)

4) Spray Colloidal Silver under the tongue every ten minutes as a sty is often a sign of a Staph infection....

5) Increase your Vitamin C levels to ward off infections.

6) Wash your hands well and throw away any flannels used on the eye as it can spread to other family members.

7) To prevent sties take a good quality Vitamin and Mineral supplement like our C.A.A, as sties often come on in periods of stress, when our Vitamin B supplies are depleted.

If symptoms persist visit your natural health practitioner or doctor.




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