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Detox Your Life

10/28/17, 00 , 2017

Detox Your Life

DETOX YOUR LIFE! By Gilly Godward

How often do we do too much?

Take on too much?

Fill our life up with Too much STUFF

What if we pulled back and realised that LESS IS MORE!

Something that I've realised in my life and for my clients, is that modern day alchemy really happens when we spend time detoxing our lives.

Before you can plant new seeds, you often need to pull out some old weeds.

One of the key reasons that people don't detoxify their life is often a focus on lack or scarcity.

For example: I'd better not let that go because that might be as good as it gets.

I wonder what would happen if you detoxed, created a space in your life, and then focused on filling it intentionally?

Below are some key areas to detoxify!

  • DETOX YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Get rid of any old, unused, broken things around the house that you no longer use or love. Give them away, gift them to charity shops, recycle them....but let them go
  • DETOX YOUR BODY: You become literally lighter in body and mind by giving your body a chance to detoxify.
  • DETOX YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Your energy is precious! Focus on friendships and relationships that are positive and uplifting.
  • DETOX YOUR MIND: Maybe it's time to release some OLD negative ways of thinking that no longer serve you. Your thoughts create your reality so focus on uplifting self-talk and happy thoughts.

Here's to detoxing your life and creating space for even greater things

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