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Sinus & Hayfever Pack

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Introducing our new Sinus & Hayfever Pack

This pack is all you need to banish those annoying setbacks like allergies, sinus infections and hayfever this season.

Our Sinus Pack contains:
1 x Horseradish Natural Herbs + Vitamin C (120 capsules)
1 x Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray 50ml

Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray is the perfect product to help with soothing nasal passages and combating sinus infections. With its nasal applicator, this spray can be easily and discreetly sprayed up the nose for relief from itching, blocked or tickly noses. Just pop into your bag or desk draw and use as often as needed.

Horseradish is well known for its ability to help clear sinuses as well as mucus build-up from the upper respiratory tract. The other natural herbs included in our Horseradish formula contain natural expectorant properties which have the ability to help clear airways and reduce nasal congestion. Fenugreek especially, is beneficial for treating allergies as well as soothing and relaxing inflamed tissue.

This pack is an excellent way to avoid sinus related infections. Start taking our Sinus Pack now to have a sneeze free spring.

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