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NZ's Greatest Doctor Book - Ulric Williams

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A Surgeon who became a Naturopath

This book tells the amazing true story of how hundreds of people with serious and chronic illnesses were completely cured by Dr Ulric Williams using simple natural methods. Without drugs or surgery!

It is written by Brenda Sampson who was healed of chronic back pain and arthritis and she tells not only her own story, but other true-life stories from other patients, together with some of his own writings, in this compelling book on natural healing.

Dr Ulric Williams had built up a flourishing practice as a noted surgeon, but in his 40’s he had a severe personal crisis when he felt life wasn’t worth living. He had a powerful vision, and it became clear to him that a loving God, after creating such a marvelous creation as the human body, would also provide, in a natural way, all that it needed to be well.

Appalled at the number of people who remained ill even after antibiotics or surgery, he decided to turn his back on orthodox medicine and concentrate on natural methods of healing. He studied diet, the processing of foods, soil fertilizing, and the effect of mental states on bodily health. His basis for curing illness centered around Right eating, Right thinking, and Right living.

After helping hundreds of sick people, many of who had been told there was no hope of recovery, to once again regain health, using neither drugs nor surgery, he was invited to give lectures up and down the country. Nursing sisters opened several convalescent homes for him, using his treatment methods for the chronically ill and hopeless cases, and  virtually everyone went away either completely healed or greatly improved.

His great love for people and generosity saw him and his wife often having one or two  patients staying in their own home with them. He sometimes never charged patients, but instead worked with them to find out the reason for their sickness, as he believed that unhappiness or stress were often causes of sickness. Once they were healed he always thanked God for their recovery.

Today many of his ideas regarding diet are in widespread use, and doctors and psychiatrists have adopted his ideas regarding healthy thinking. Dr Williams wrote several books, and he was truly a “man before his time".

Comments by  Jane C: "I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it. It was a real eye-opener to think of all the times we go to doctors when we are unwell and a answer is really so simple. By eating right, thinking right and living right we can enjoy good health. It's so easy." 

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