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Naturo Pharm Allermed Relief 25ml

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Allermed Relief
Naturo Pharm Homeopathic Remedy 25ml

The Naturo Pharm range of homoeopathic general complex remedies are designed for easy selection. They are formulated to help boost your body's natural responses to a wide spectrum of life's day-to-day ailments and injuries such as allergies, accidents, stress, joint pain, skin issues, immune health to name just a few.

These carefully developed remedies can be used by any individual, from babies to the elderly. The remedies in the General Complex Range have been formulated to ensure maximum efficiency and contain combinations of a number of individual classical remedies.

Allermed 25ml Spray - Supports the natural immune response to allergens from foods, plants, clothing, chemicals, insect bites and stings. Has soothing properties.

These remedies are in a convenient oral spray form and are supplied in a 25ml metered dose oral spray bottle for accurate dosing and faster rate of absorption. They have a purified water/alcohol base and are suitable for use by the whole family.

25ml (approx.150 sprays)

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