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MigraDol 60s

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Targeted support for healthy circulation and blood vessels for soothing tension in the head.

MigraDol is a new product specifically designed to provide support for tension headaches, combining Magnesium with Vitamin B2 to support muscle relaxation and healthy circulation.  MigraDol helps ensure blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body allowing every organ to function properly.  This in turn can help in many areas such as relieve that tension feeling that many of us have in our heads.

Optimal blood circulation has the added bonus of helping wounds heal faster, keeping your brain sharp, your heart healthy and a super bonus of giving your complexion a natural healthy flush.

Ingredients in MigraDol: 

Magnesium helps relax muscles, nerves, brain and mind, people deficient in it are often tense and irritable.  They often report difficulty in relaxing and sleeping causing tension headaches.  Having sufficient amounts of Magnesium in the body can give relief from migraines and help with preventing asthma attacks. 

Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin
This vitamin B2 – Riboflavin, helps our cells obtain oxygen from the blood, help us absorb nutrients from food, maintain the health of our eyes, skin and nerves and also assists blood cells transport glucose to muscles for energy. 

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