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LBDO Men's Libido

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  • L’B-DO
    Perform at Your Peak

    L’B-DO is an all-natural holistic based formula for adult men of all ages who want to live in peak performance.

    After intensive research each ingredient in this formula was carefully and purposefully selected harnessing their acclaimed properties to synergistically support the body to cope with all the high-pressure daily demands. This formula includes natural building blocks, precursors, adaptogens, modulators, co-factors and initiators to support the body in restoring homeostasis or complete balance.

    L'B-DO is designed to:

    support sexual health

    help balance hormones

    increase and sustain energy levels

    help manage stress

    help balance mood

    support for cardiovascular health

    What most men do not know is that Erectile dysfunction- (ED) is merely a symptom. It is a flashing light to alert you of other possible underlying health problems. These problems have the possibility to negatively and irreversibly impact your health forcing undesired lifestyle changes and robbing you of your quality of life.

    L’B-DO supports the body to:

    Alleviate symptoms and target the root cause of ED

    Erection/rigidity/refraction time

    Maintain Libido/pleasure

    Support Mood, Stress & focus

    Increase Energy & Endurance

    Risk factors/C-reactive protein

    Cardiovascular health

    Blood flow/arterial plaque

    Prostate health support



    60 Capsules per bottle

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