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Herbal Bronchial Liquid 250ml

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  • Herbal Bronchial Liquid for Chesty Coughs 250ml

    Herbal Bronchial Liquid is a special research-based formula designed to support easy breathing and lung health by relaxing and soothing the airways.

    Herbal Bronchial Liquid

    Supports the airways from throat to lung.

    Helps relieve congestion and soothe chesty coughs

    Take at first sign of ills and chills to support respiratory health and immune support for the airways.

    Supports the immune system for rapid natural recovery.

    Herbal Bronchial Liquid Contains:

    A unique combination of herbs that support all aspects of respiratory health - Aniseed, Echinacea, Pelargonium and Elecampane

    Naturally sweetened with monk fruit plus added menthol for cooling and clearing the airways.

    No added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.

    Measuring Cup Included.

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