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Healing and Reversing Eye Problems

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Regain and Protect Your Vision

This down-to-earth NZ book “Heal Your Eye Problems with Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins” was written by retired farmer, Max Crarer. It tells the true story of how he healed his Glaucoma of 12 years using only herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Max was well known to listeners of Radio Pacific and shared his story with them before writing this book. Thousands of New Zealanders with eye complaints listened and were helped by Max, following his own healing.

Max researched other eye healings from eye researchers all over the world. Since then, through his own experience and numerous personal experiences of others he has discovered combinations of herbs, minerals and vitamins that have helped thousands of NZ sufferers of various eye complaints.


Max does not claim that his herb, minerals and vitamin recommendations will heal every eye condition. However, when his practical advice is acted on in good faith, most eye conditions, even some considered incurable by many Ophthalmologists, successfully respond.

Simple Tests for Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration
One in ten New Zealanders develop Glaucoma by age 70. It has long been considered incurable and non-preventable by ophthalmologists. There are no obvious symptoms of the disorder and if not detected and treated early, blindness suddenly results in the affected eye. It can be controlled (but not cured) by daily drug use if caught early. Max's book contains a simple test for early detection of Glaucoma and also Macular Degeneration that you do yourself at home. He also reveals herb, mineral and vitamin combinations that have healed these disorders.

Prevent and Heal Cataracts and Other Eye Disorders
Herbs, minerals and vitamins have also been found to prevent and heal Cataracts (cloudiness in the lens). Cataracts are a major problem that affect huge numbers of New Zealanders over 65, and can make driving at night nearly impossible due to the glare of lights. Max’s combinations normally clear a lens of a cataract naturally in six months.

Treatable eye disorders
All the following eye problems are treated in this book: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Tunnel vision, Conjunctivitis, Discomfort in strong light, Poor night vision, Red inflamed eyes, Tired eyes, Drooping eyelids and Diabetes-induced eye problems. Some New Zealanders who suffer from Short and Long Sightedness also report that their vision has improved.

Easy to Read, Highly Interesting Book
Max's highly interesting, useful and boldly written book is easy to read and reasonably priced.

As a bonus, it also contains a section on low-cost and little known cures for some common ailments, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, sagging skin, kidney stones, fluid retention and repetitive strain injury

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