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DHEA 7-Keto

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  • DHEA 7-Keto Capsules

    A natural extract from the Mexican Yam plant that can be modified to produce an exact copy of natural DHEA, providing help in the areas of youthful energy, clarity of mind, mental focus & overall wellbeing among others.

    DHEA is a natural “feel alive” hormone that is produced by our body’s adrenal glands. The role of this hormone is to help produce other hormones, such as testosterone & estrogen both of which help in the areas of anti-ageing, and physical performance.

    When we are young, DHEA is the most abundant hormone in our body, however, this abundance peaks around the age of 25 then starts to decline, more rapidly as we get older. As it declines, so does our youthful vigour, mental focus and clarity of mind. In fact, it is estimated that our DHEA levels decrease by up to 80% throughout adulthood.

    DHEA 7-Keto contains 60 capsules per bottle.

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