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Everything about Colloidal Silver Book

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Everything you need to know about Colloidal Silver in a book!

"I am really enjoying reading the Colloidal Silver Book, I take it to bed with me each night to learn something new". (Maureen: Mount Maunganui)

"Ill be keeping this little book in a handy spot for quick reference. I've often put up with small irritations; sore throat, dry patch of skin, tired eyes, but using the knowledge gained from this book I will have a gentle but effective multi-purpose natural antibiotic at the ready." (Chrissie O)
Take Charge of your Own Health with this colloidal silver book
This book is a MUST READ! Every question that you can possibly think up about Colloidal Silver is answered in this book.  It is just loaded with interesting information such as:

    What is Colloidal Silver?
    What does it consists of and why it is called that?
    Has anyone ever died from drinking it?
    Why we should treat ourselves with colloidal Silver?
    How much should we take?
    Are there any side effects?
    What costs are involved?
    Can it be used on animals?

This large print, highly readable book explains exactly how this extremely powerful substance can help you and your family to lead healthier lives.

This book lists 100’s of other uses for Colloidal Silver around the home.
    Spray on vegetable and flowers to keep aphids and caterpillars at bay.
    Spray on fruit trees to keep from blight and pests
    How to Purify your water
    How to use it as a disinfectant
    Useful for bee stings
    Spray your fridge to prevent smells
    Spray combs and hairbrushes
    Spray toilet seats

There is a whole chapter on making Colloidal Silver yourself at home, what equipment to buy, what water to use , how to store it.

The final chapter in this book is a very interesting article on the artificial sweetener Aspartame (food additive number 951)  how it makes you crave carbohydrates and will actually make you fat.  “If you have friends or relations with Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Hepatitis, Cancer, Aids, Shingles, Epstein Barr, Pager’s Disease, Diabetes”,  then you may well be interested in this information” says Max Crarer.

Packed with facts, examples and testimonials, this fascinating, easy to read, large print book is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in taking charge of their own health.

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