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Colloidal Silver 500ml 2 Pack

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Colloidal Silver Liquid is our top selling and most popular product. 

We supply to hundreds of New Zealand homes every week, many of whom have been buying from us for a number of years

Colloidal Silver is a body normalising substance that helps support the body’s natural immune system to fight infections.

Colloidal Silver can be sprayed in the eyes, up the nose or in the mouth to help the body's immune system cope with winter ills and chills and can assist in soothing throats, Cleansing and calming skin conditions and much more.

When used as directed, Colloidal Silver is suitable for the whole family, from new-born babies to the very elderly, and is also widely used by pet owners and farmers as they believe it brings their troubled animals back to health.

It is gentle, non-toxic and natural. Taken daily Colloidal Silver is a powerful addition to our immune system.

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