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  • Carnitine - 60 Capsules
    Burn Calories While You Sleep!


    Carnitine ticks all the boxes when it comes to weight loss and energy levels. We are so excited to introduce this new product to our range.


    Carnitine’s job is to convert fat into energy. After taking Carnitine, your body produces energy and burns calories. When you exercise, it then increases this energy as your stored fat is burned. You will even be burning calories while you sleep. And the best part is, it contains NO stimulants like caffeine that most other weight loss products have.



    The Benefits

    · Assists with weight loss

    · Helps the body burn calories

    · Helps the body produce energy

    · Helps prevent muscle fatigue

    · Supports better brain function

    · Contains NO caffeine or other stimulants

    · Promotes increased endurance

    · Enhances muscle recovery

    · The perfect supplement for athletes

    · 100% Natural product



    Who should take Carnitine?

    · Those looking to lose weight

    · Those needing an energy boost

    · Athletes

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