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Pure Marine Collagen

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  • Pure Marine Collagen

    Bioactive Marine Collagen Peptides 300g

    This pure marine collagen is sustainably sourced from premium European fisheries. Taking marine collagen daily is shown to support healthy hair, hydrated skin and nail growth, as well as joint and gut health. Collagen is the main fabric of the skin and is absolutely essential for healing, providing its structure and retaining moisture.

    After the age of 20, collagen production in our skin gradually starts to decrease, causing your skin to lose its youthful elasticity and plumpness, leading to dry, saggy skin, deep folds and wrinkles. Also, the joints start to become less stable and muscle mass dwindles as part of this process, making us more prone to injury.

    Take 1 scoop (10g) daily. Mix into your favorite smoothie, juice, hot drink or baking recipe.

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