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Sunshine Vitamin D3

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  • Sunshine Vit D3

    1000IU with Vitamin K2 - 60 Sublingual Tablets


    High dose support for bone health, muscle strength, joint mobility plus general well-being and immunity.

    Naturally sourced from sunshine and some foods, Vitamin D is commonly known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. However, due to damaging UV sun rays and the need to be sun-safe, our modern day, dominantly indoor lifestyle, and the degrading nutritional quality of our food.

    Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with virtually every chronic disease!

    Sunshine Vitamin D3 1000 IU with Vitamin K2 sublingual tablets are suitable for the whole family to take including children and the elderly.

    The yummy little tablets are just popped under the tongue and melt away easily for fast, efficient absorption directly into the bloodstream. They are really tasty so there will be no arguments about taking them.

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