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Himalayan Foot Detoxer Salt Lamp

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The Perfect Antidote to a long Day!
Himalayan Foot Detoxer Salt Lamp

Detox Foot Lamps can help with…
• Relaxing tired feet
• Improving sleep quality
• Removing toxins
• Reducing stress & anxiety
• Increasing energy levels
• Rebalancing unhealthy PH levels
• Reducing the instances of headaches & migraines
• Purifying the air
• Eliminating electro-magnetic smog
• Improving concentration & memory
• Treating conditions like athletes foot
• Providing antibacterial properties

When you place your feet on a Foot Detoxer Salt Lamp, it gets straight to work drawing toxins from your body. This process can actually reverse the effects of these toxins, and help restore your body to its natural state. During this detox process, your feet also absorb minerals form the salt rock including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and copper – just to name a few.

Frequent use will help to gently cleanse and rebalance your system and revitalise your body and mind. It is the perfect antidote to a long hard day on your feet.

Easy to use, just place your feet on the warmed lamp for at least 30 minutes or more while you relax with a book or watch your favourite tv program.

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