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HOT SPECIAL - Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml

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  • Colloidal Silver Liquid (10ppm)


  • This Offer Ends at Midnight Sunday 26th June 2022.
  • Sorry this offer does not ship to Australia.
  • Colloidal Silver Liquid is our top selling and most popular product. We supply to hundreds of New Zealand homes every week, many of whom have been buying from us for more than 10 years.

    We can assure you that our Colloidal Silver is as fresh as it can possibly be, as we make it fresh every week.

    Colloidal Silver is a safe, natural way to deal with nasty germs, bacteria, virus and fungi by working naturally to support the body’s immune system from the inside out.

    Our Colloidal Silver can be taken orally, sprayed directly into the eyes, ears and up the nose or applied topically to the skin.
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