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Vitamin C plus Echinacea, Elderberry & Zinc

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  • Vitamin C plus Echinacea

    Help your body fight infections & shorten the duration of colds & flu

    150 chewable tablets

    Vitamin C plus Echinacea is the perfect immune protection complex. It is a chewable berry flavoured tablet, designed to be taken daily for both children and adults.

    If you have been around someone who is sick, these chewable tablets can help strengthen your immunity and help prevent you from picking up those pesky bugs.

    If you yourself come down with a cold or flu, then taking Vitamin C plus Echinacea can help shorten the duration of your infection as well as help lessen the symptoms of most viral and fungal infections.

    When to take Vitamin C + Echinacea

    At the first sign of a cold or flu

    If someone close to you is sick

    If your immunity is low or you get sick often

    If you need an antioxidant boost

    To help strengthen your immune system

    For protection against antiviral & fungal infections

    For an extra boost of Vitamin C & Zinc

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