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Silver Conductive Grounding Socks

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Silver Conductive Grounding Socks - with 40% silver fibre

These amazing Grounding Socks are designed to enhance your grounding practice well as keeping your feet warm, comfortable and odour free.

Benefits of wearing grounding socks
• Provides feeling of wellbeing
• Helps treat specific ailments
• Aligns essential electrons within the body
• Helps reduces blood volume pulse and clotting
• Aids with recovery from physical activity & muscle inflammation
• Promotes better sleep

Many people describe a significant sense of well-being as a result of grounding. You can experience something profoundly important that most of us have been missing in our lives. This missing link is so profound in fact that it seems to do away with or dramatically improve so many health challenges common in this day and age such as insomnia, the chronic pain of so many diseases and injuries, stress, anxiety, and premature aging.

How to use your Silver Conductive Grounding Socks
• Standing on a grounded surface outside without shoes, grass. sand, dirt, rocks and concrete.
• Morning tea time, lunchtime, afternoon tea time, go outside, kick off your shoes and get grounded. This will make a world of difference to your day, plus help with any health issues you may have. Do this as often as you possibly can.

Other Benefits
 Comfortable & breathable
 Antimicrobial deodorisation properties
 Wear resistant
 Moisture absorption & perspiration
 Warm in winter, cool in summer
 Radiation protection
 Anti-static, antibacterial
 52% cotton, 40% Silver Fibre, 8% spandex

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