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Eye Health

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  • Eye Health - 60 caps

    Eye Health Capsules are a natural formulation, taken once a day, to help us maintain excellent eye health. The ingredients include Lutein and Zeaxanthin (sourced from marigold flowers). Combined with these are the supplements identified by the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) these being Vitamins C and E, Zinc, Copper and Beta Carotene. Also included are Bilberry and Bioflavonoids to provide a comprehensive product for your eyes.

    Early detection Is Imperative! More than 1 million eye exams are performed in New Zealand each year by optometrists. On average, 60% of people examined will need prescription glasses. Many will need treatment for eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Issues, Macular Degeneration or referral for surgery for Cataracts etc. This is evidence that looking after your eye health is crucial, and it’s never too late to start, in fact, the earlier the better.

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