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Colloidal Silver Travel Pack

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This complete ‘Treasure Chest Pack’ is ideal for travelers or simply, the perfect, natural gift to give.

Comes in an attractive, shower-proof, handy ‘hold all’ has everything you could need from the Colloidal Silver Range. The Liquid, Gel, Breath Freshener, Hand Sanitiser and Lip Balm are all in airport regulation size, secure in a convenient, clear, slide-lock bag. It is a great way to introduce someone to the benefits of Colloidal Silver.  A tidy pack to keep at work.


Air-conditioned environments (like planes) can cause the old tickle in the back of the throat scenario.  Being on a plane for 3 - 10 hours is one of those scenarios.  Then depending on the Country you land in the sanitation standards in that country can also be of concern.  By having Colloidal Silver available, you can neutralise the tickle in the back of your throat before it takes hold as well as boost your immune system.  So if you or your loved ones are contemplating an OE then this Travel Pack is for you.
Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitiser
Knock those ‘Nasties’ Naturally. Use Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitiser to send bacteria, virus or fungi packing. This solution has all the power of silver without the chemicals that can upset and strip your skin of necessary oils and moisture.

This pack Includes

    1 x Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray 50ml
    1 x Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitiser 50ml
    1 x Colloidal Silver Gel 70ml
    1 x Colloidal Silver Breath Freshener Spray 50ml
    1 x Colloidal Silver Lip Balm

(Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.)

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