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Colloidal Silver Plant & Soil Spray

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  • Colloidal Silver Plant & Soil Spray

    Healthy Plants, Fruit & Vegies without nasty chemicals!

    500ml (5ppm)

    Introducing our Colloidal Silver Plant and Soil Spray. A 500ml spray bottle loaded with 5ppm Colloidal Silver Liquid, all ready to be sprayed directly onto your plants, flowers and fruit to help combat bacterial, fungal and viral attacks and promote strong, healthy, thriving plants.

    Ditch the chemicals and revolutionise your indoor and outdoor plants & flowers with this natural and safe alternative.


    Banish bacterial, fungal & viral attacks

    Increase the health of your soil

    Promotes crop quality & size

    Enjoy the benefits of chemical free gardening

    100% Organic, no nasty chemicals

    Perfect for indoor & outdoor plants & soil

    100% safe around your family and pets

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