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Acupressure Mat

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  • Acupressure Mat

    A Gift PACKED with Health Benefits!

    We can’t think of a more beneficial gift idea then these multifunctional Acupressure Mats. There are so many health benefits that absolutely anybody can achieve from having this amazing product in their life.

    This Mat works by allowing the natural flow of blood to recharge, revitalise and ease the tension and stress points throughout the body. It will quickly become your go-to gadget for pain relief, muscle soreness and headaches from now on.

    The Acupressure Mat is used as a full body relaxation and circulation tool. Perfect for restoring circulation and movement to a stressed and tired back. Simply lay the matt on the floor and gently lower yourself onto it. Each time you use your Acupressure Mat you will be able to remain for longer and longer, and start reaping the benefits of this natural acupressure treatment.

    Benefits of use:

    Natural pain relief

    Aids with sports injuries

    Helps improve sleep

    Helps improve circulation

    Muscle relaxation

    Increases energy levels

    Improves mental health

    Natural relief from headaches & migraines

    Helps lower high blood pressure

    Can be used long term with no side effects

    Non-invasive, compact & portable

    Available in BLACK only

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