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White Himalayan Salt Lamp Mood Changing LED

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Enjoy the Soothing, Relaxing Glow of a White Mood Changing LED Salt Lamp

A Himalayan Salt Lamp has to be one of the best Christmas presents you could possibly give someone you love. Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to provide many many health benefits. They are “natural ionizers,” meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air, therefore providing a multitude of beneficial properties and a beautiful ambiance within the home.

Benefits of having a salt lamp in your home...
• Purifies the air
• Helps neutralise electromagnetic radiation
• Helps reduce stress
• Promotes better sleep
• Mood enhancing
• Supports clearer breathing
• Helps reduce allergy symptoms

Himalayan salt lamps are carved from pure, food grade, Himalayan salt crystals. A light bulb is then placed inside which gives it a warning glow when switched on.
A salt lamp can be placed anywhere around your home to work its magic, or placed in a bedroom to promote a peaceful, calmer sleep.

These White Himalayan Salt Lamps are approx. 1.5kg in weight and 17cm in height. They contain a long lasting LED bulb that changes colour from red to green to blue to create a relaxing ambience in any room.

Please note: this product comes with a USB cord. You will need a USB plug/adaptor to plug into wall.

Note: This product does not ship Internationally 
$42 each

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