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Lotus Hand Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Lotus - Hand Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp

A beautiful gift for that special somebody with a multitude of health benefits!

Each of these individually handcrafted, Salt Lamps comprise of pure Himalayan salts carefully selected and expertly carved. When heated, these lamps emit an ambient soothing and relaxing glow along with negative ions, which naturally recharge the air and reduce allergens.

Benefits of having a salt lamp in your home…

• Purifies the air & provides invigorating freshness
• Helps neutralise electromagnetic radiation
• Helps reduce stress
• Promotes better sleep
• Mood enhancing
• Supports clearer breathing
• Helps reduce allergy symptoms
• Reduces the instances of headaches & migraines
• Reduces odour from homes smelling of smoke, chemicals or mould


Note - this item is only available for delivery to New Zealand addresses. 


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