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Good Iron + Vita-C Gummies

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  • Iron + Vit C Adult Gummies – 90 soft chews



    A boost of iron and a hit of Vitamin C for everyday energy!

    Deliciously Wild Blackcurrant Flavoured



    If you wake up feeling tired, are sluggish through the day, or just can’t seem to muster up the energy for day to day activities - you may be iron deficient.

    Iron deficiency is very common - especially in women during menstruation and pregnancy.


    For anyone who enjoys a plant-based diet, or regular exercise, you may also struggle with finding enough iron from foods alone.


    That’s where Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements come in.

    Coupled with a dash of Vitamin C this means that your iron is going to be absorbed more effectively into your system.


    With a kick of kiwifruit powder you can rest assured that this Iron gummy won’t make you constipated, like a lot of other iron supplements.

    - Increases energy

    - Increases Immunity

    - Suitable as daily dose of Iron

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