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Flower Touch Warmer Lamp - White

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Flower Touch Warmer Lamp

Fabulous Fragrance at Your Fingertips

Our new Luxury Warmer Lamps are the perfect, unique gift to give this Christmas, PLUS they come with some pretty cool benefits…

• Brings a tranquil, relaxing ambiance to any room
• Environmentally friendly
• Beautiful unique designs
• Great gift idea
• Safe & clean way to fragrance your home

So easy to use, just plug in, select your desired brightness by touching the base, place your melts in the glass dish on top, and enjoy your fabulous Scentchips Fragrance within minutes.

Melts purchased separately – check out our range here.

Touch Warmers
These Touch warmers have a touch-sensitive base, which controls 3 levels of intensity: low, medium, and high, allowing you to customize the intensity of your fragrance. The shimmery inner layer filters the inner bulb, creating a pleasing diffusion of light.
Touch Warmers feature a quick-warming bulb while adjustable settings allow you to control the amount of fragrance for your space. Made of durable white metal and glass, these warmers eliminate the need for an open flame, while providing a safe heat source to melt your chosen wax Scentchip fragrance.

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