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Coconut Therapy for Pets

Coconut Therapy for Pets Written by Dr. Bruce Fife, ND

What can you do if your cat has worms? Use coconut oil. What can you do about smelly doggy breath? Try coconut oil. What if your cat has an ear infection? Again, coconut oil. Believe it or not, coconut oil is a highly effective treatment for a wide variety of common health problems. For this reason, coconut oil has gained a reputation as a superfood - a food that provides health benefits far beyond its nutritional content.
Coconuts and coconut oil have a long history of safe and effective use as food and as medicine for both humans and animals. Most animals love the taste of coconut. Whether you own cats, dogs, ferrets, parrots, canaries, chickens, horses, goats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, or other animals, they can all benefit from the nutritional and medicinal properties of coconut oil.

Some of the many benefits include:
  • Improves the appearance of the skin, hair, and feathers
  • Reduces or eliminates body odour and bad breath
  • Improves energy and balances metabolism
  • Helps reduce excess body fat and maintain proper weight
  • Prevents and fights bacterial, viral, and yeast infections
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Helps relieve kennel cough
  • Improves oral health and whitens teeth
  • Helps ease allergy symptoms
  • Soothes itchy and irritated skin
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Protects against digestive disorders such as ulcers and colitis
  • Expels or kills intestinal parasites
  • Helps keep blood sugar in balance
  • Helps build strong bones
  • Helps prevent and ease joint pain and ligament problems
  • Speeds healing from cuts, burns, insect bites, and other injuries
  • Protects against flees, ticks, mites, and other parasites

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