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Coconut Chocolate Spread 250g

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  • Coconut Chocolate Spread
    A smooth, dark, indulgent, 100% natural, organic spread.

    It is made with pure coconut sugar, coconut nectar and coconut milk along with 33% premium organic cacao powder, packed with antioxidants and magnesium.

    Coconut Chocolate Spread is:

    100% Natural and Organic

    100% Free from Preservatives, Additives and Emulsifiers

    100% Cane Sugar and Gluten Free

    100% Healthy & Nutritious

    100% Coco-Nutty-Choccy-DELICIOUS!!

    Suitable for the Whole Family to Enjoy

    Suitable for those following a Vegan and Paleo Diet

    Ways To Enjoy Coconut Chocolate Spread: Spread generously on toast, bagels or sandwiches, or dollop onto pancakes, waffles or porridge. You could also try mixing some into your smoothie or bliss balls Or just simply spoon it straight from the jar into your mouth.

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