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Strawberry Delight - Scentchips Melts 56g

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Scentchips Fragrance Melts - Strawberry Delight

Contains: Strawberry / Vanilla / Cinnamon

These Scentchips are colorful wax chips that release luxurious fragrance when melted in a warmer.

Scentchips are hand-made using only the finest ingredients, sourced in the U.S, they use a paraffin and soy wax blend, highly concentrated fragrance oils, and non-toxic vegetable dyes. They are environmentally friendly and are a safe and clean way to fragrance your home.

Scentchips provide the most fragrance when melted in a warmer and can also be used as a potpourri in small rooms, closets, gym bags, lockers and cars.

Available in 4 delightful fragrance blends each with 60 hours fragrance time.
• A Day in Paris – Strawberry / Peony / Lavender
• Amethyst – Tropical Leaf / Lavender / Musk
• French Pear – Pear / Coconut
• Strawberry Delight – Strawberry / Vanilla / Cinnamon

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