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Stop Autism Now

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Stop Autism Now

By Dr. Bruce Fife

The Mystery of Autism Solved!

A Parents Guide to Preventing and Reversing Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Over 1 million people have autism. This number is rapidly growing. Over the past several years autism has increased to epidemic proportions.

Most doctors have no clue what causes autism, nor any idea how to prevent or even treat it. The only medically recognized form of treatment is an attempt to teach effected children how to manage their disorder and live with it.
Autism, however, is not a hopeless condition. It can be prevented and successfully treated without the use or drugs.

This book describes an innovative new dietary and lifestyle approach involving coconut ketone therapy that has proven very successful in reversing even some of the most severe developmental disorders, allowing once disabled children to enter regular school and lead normal, happy, productive lives.


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