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Kids Good Vita-C + Zinc Gummies 90's

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  • Kids Vitamin C + Zinc 90s

    Tropical Pineapple Flavoured

    Our Vita-C + Zinc supplements are full of vitality and natural goodies to support your children’s immune response to unfamiliar germs, so that means less time spent sick in bed - and more time out at play!

    Immunity Strength - Vitamin C is necessary for immunity, teeth & gum health, wound healing, skin health, as well as a whole host of other functions in the body.

    Zinc for Immunity & Skin - Zinc is our (almost) secret ingredient, and it’s a goodie! Zinc helps boost the immune system, and supports healthy growth and metabolism to keep your kids active and strong! It’s also beneficial for healing those cuts and scratches your tiny titans can wind up with after a daring mission!

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