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Grape Seed Extract OPC - Expired Stock

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  • Grape Seed Extract – 95% OPC Maximum strength

    Expired Stock - Date July 2020

    ActiVin is considered to be the best and most potent grape seed extract in the world, and is supported by more conclusive research than any other extract. It has been most effective in helping to prevent heart disease, tumours, and many other degenerative diseases.

    Taking Grape Seed Extract each day will give you “protection for life” against these deadly diseases and this ActiVin Grape Seed Extract was used for research by the “American Association of Cancer Research” with results that simply cannot be ignored.

    Grape Seed Extract can help inhibit the formation of histamine, therefore helping to alleviate allergies and inflammations. Grape Seed Extract is extremely water-soluble and absorbable, giving it the ability to protect all parts of the body, including brain cells. Our Grape Seed Extract has 60 capsules per jar.

    Suggested Dose: For antioxidant support, 1 capsule in the morning and at night.

    For specific condition: 3 - 4 daily with a large glass of water.


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